8 Smart Tips on How to Boost Your Salary in Your Current Job

8 Smart Tips on How to Boost Your Salary in Your Current Job

We all work to be paid and paid well. Most of us wonder if there was a secret idea to get the desired salary hike. But, in reality there is none.

There are however some proven ways in which you can give a boost to your salary

1. Be an extra miler

Is it not what the organizations want from their employees- to walk that extra mile or go beyond the call of duty? You can do this only after constantly improving your performance. Setting up goals and achieving them regularly will see you through. And then there would be times when your manager would ask you to do more because of some urgent need. Don’t fret, but take the responsibility willingly. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed, and will most like help you get best ratings during annual appraisal.

2. Be smart

Working hard alone won’t take you anywhere. You can’t do heaps of work and excel in all of them. So, the idea is to figure out ways to do your work with less effort and as quickly as possible. Share your ideas with your teammate but make sure the management takes note of your efforts and you can get best ratings.

3. Learn

Everybody wants a promotion and the salary hike that comes with it, but most people are not prepared for the next role. Spend your weekends in learning new skills that will help you bring quality to your work.

4. Keep a record of your accomplishments

Note down all the successes you had throughout the year. Write down what you have done and what you could have done better. This will help you to hold a fact based discussion with your manager during the annual review. Your manager will also know how seriously you take your performance and it will difficult for them to deny a deserved hike.

5. Overtime and shift differentials

If you are really keen on getting a salary boost, you can offer to work overtime if your company has need for employees to work extra hours. Some companies work 24*7 and if your company is one such company you can offer to work night shifts or early hours of the day. Most companies offer much higher salary for night and early morning shifts.

6. Scan the job market

You must know your worth. You can’t sit in a shell and hope to get a salary boost. Learn what other companies are paying for the same job role. This information can be used while discussing your salary increment.

7. Be confident

You can’t convince your boos, if you are not confident about your worth. Even if you are armed with all the data about your achievements and possess sound knowledge about pay comparisons, you must arm yourself with self-belief.

8. Begging won’t help

The fact that you have five children or ailing parents at home will not help. If you try to beg for an increase on these terms, your boss won’t bother. You will be paid for the value you bring to the organisation. Don’t plead! Just put the facts why you deserve an increase.

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