Boosting Confidence- 3 Practical Tips

Boosting Confidence- 3 Practical Tips

There are many instances where a person is left with sweat and speechlessness because he/she was not confident enough. Most of us have been through some moment in our lives where we felt intimidated by someone. At that moment one might lose their self-esteem and confidence. But that is not the end, things change, only when you change the things. Who would not want to stand in a group, or on a stage, or in-front of someone and present oneself without hesitation and stuttering? Everyone want to be presentable. Everyone can be. So can you.

Here are 3 things that you can do in your daily basis that will help you overcome the fears and low self-esteem.

Tip 1- Nobody cares what you do. Don't care about them.
This might look rude but it can be laid in a different way. The people around you, they are also on the same stage as you, so the are probably feeling the same. You are worried about yourself, so are they. That is why you should not feel intimidated. Even in a group conversations or in any public gatherings many people feel left out. This can be improved, there is a simple trick; Just wait for the person speaking to end their sentence, that is when you put your point. Do not interrupt, help them in completing their sentence. This is how you shift the centre of attention from them to you and take the lead. Don't always crave for attention, listen first and put your opinion. Once you're heard to, you'll automatically feel confident.

Tip 2- Change your body language.
Your body speaks about you more than you do. It speaks even when you are not. So why not make it speak well about you? Body language not only means standing erect. You can let you muscles relax and still be confident. There are a few things that people notice about any person unconsciously, things like-

1.The way you speak to them- If you are mean or rude, the person won't want to listen to you anymore, politeness is the key.
2.Showing interest- If you talk to someone and not make eye contact, they will feel like you are not interested in them, so show that you are interested.
3.Facial expressions- If someone is speaking, look keen and make sure they know that you are listening, So when they end their lines, they know that you were listening and will listen to your side as well.
4.Body Posture- While sitting, many people will slide down to a semi-laid position. Remember that, humans' unconscious mind is always active, that posture will give a casual impression, an expression of disinterest. While walking, make sure you are not just dragging your bone-muscle arrangement and walking properly. Bring that chest out, walk like you have everything under control. Cover the fear with a curtain of confidence. Fake confidence works just like the real one.

Tip 3- Do stupid stuff in public. 'The Shameless Guy' (Best Tip)
Has it ever happened to you that you were travelling and you see a guy doing all stupid stuff without any shame. You might have called him 'The shameless guy', be that shameless guy. You know why? Doing stupid things puts you in awkward situations, the more you put yourself in awkward situations, the more experienced in dealing with it. And don't worry about what people will think, they won't even notice. And even if they do, be stupid till someone comes to tell you to stop. Then just be less stupid for sometime. The point is the to learn to deal with situations that you don't usually experience. Talk to strangers, sing loudly in public, dance without any music, or just sit and smile without any reason. These simple things will bring a change that you will notice just in a few days.

Ending this article on the note that being confident in not a one day task, you have to improve, everyday, bit-by-bit till you make it. There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance. Be confident and be what you wish to become.

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