Don't complicate life, take it easy

Don't complicate life, take it easy

Do you have lots of complaints that life is not treating you well? Do you feel exhausted battling against all the odds ?

I know lots of questions like "Why do I have to face all the problems?" "Why me?" must be popping out of your head every time you face a difficulty. But chill, take it easy. We all are in a loop of problems, if one solved, the other will be in the tip of its toe to burden us. What makes us distinct above all these problems is, how we react, even in the toughest of situations that we are tackling.

Yes, life is easy, its we who complicate things by stressing too much on unwanted things. and why do we stress so much? because we all have this fantasy of having a 'perfect' life, and perfect refers to having problem-free ,stress-free, and tension- free life. Humans have this tendancy of comparing their lives with others, and feeling gloomy over others happiness or success. but they don't really see the actual truth that everyone is fighting their own hidden battles.We should understand the fact that, life is never perfect and this imperfection is what it makes life beautiful. Do you even call it a life which has no problems in it?nope, there exists no such lives, and even if it exists, then what's the point in living a plain, uninteresting life?

Difficulties test your limits, your patience, your courage and your strengths. All these are beautiful scars that lay on you, as a milestone of what you have gone through or what you have achieved with your exceptionally qualities that kept on building each time you tackle a problem.

Now, everytime you have a problem, remember this, all problems that we come accross is temporary. As they say, every lock has a key and every problem has a solution. Problems are like the speed breakers on the road, they are not meant to disturb your journey but to ensure your safe travel every time you speed up your pace. Every lesson cannot be taught in school, some come as bitter or sweet experiences while you solve your problems.

Learn your lessons, have stories to tell people, be courageous and strong, never let anything dull your sparkle, face your difficulties with a smile, get ready for an amazing and adventorous journey. Remember, don't complicate life, take it easy. 

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