Learn To Protect Your Dreams

We all have some dreams and aspirations, right? But what determines our happiness in the coming future is whether we are strong enough to hold onto that dream and achieve the condition which we usually say "Living the Dream". Remember, when we were a kid, we had very high dreams about what not to become, but gradually as we grew up, our "dreams" got sidelined trying to maintain a good grade card, maintain a proper image in the society and for so many reasons not as important as the "dream" that you got to protect.

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Living the dream is never going to be as easy as falling off an X. It is never a cakewalk. This path will certainly have hurdles every now and then but isn't walking through this path worth overcoming the hurdles that are going to come up because the amount of happiness completing this path can give is priceless.

Yes, there will be sad moments, despair, agony and the feeling of giving up will come to our minds but if we can manage to hold onto our dream and get through these tough times there is nothing that can stop success from entering our lives. Somebody has aptly said it, "If you want success as bad as you want to breathe, only then can you be successful".

The best possible reason that can be provided for not giving up is that we never know how close we are to success at the moment we give up. Maybe just one more day of suffering would have led to sunshine at the instant we decided to give up. Don't be a bird in the cage. Be a bird that flutters its feathers high up in the sky with its head held high.

Stop complaining about fate saying how it can't be changed, rather start believing in the dreams and start working towards them. We may not be there yet but certainly we are closer than yesterday if we don't ever stop trying.

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